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Offline in computer term using computer without internet, the data entry is an ideal combination for your data entry requirements. Present day plenty of global business prefers only outsourcing for their offline data entry works from various data entry service providing agencies. This is out of the best homework for persons who are interested to work at their home and make money at their leisure of house. You would be your boss and make your work time duration based on your wish. It is really difficult to search out justifiable job at house. Hence, we resumed our organization to give an employment to educated person who have typing skill and with enough speed and especially who is willing to earn with their efficiency. We are associated with various companies and agencies and collected order for the data conversation work. This is a Genuine Work unlike other become rich in overnight program. We offer greatest data entry job at house. We have concrete system in data entry.



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Do I need any qualification to do this work?

Yeah, simple qualifications are required like typing the data with speed at least thirty to fifty words per minute, so you could work faster and earn. The computer awareness minimum in MS-Office, Windows and internet knowledge is needed. The internet is needed just download the files, which you are going work; the downloading time is only fifteen minutes.

How will you be file nature for working?

Well, we would give you JPEG (This is called image) you need to change this file into MS-word with your typing skill.

What is the original matter of the file to work?

We understand, time is vital and worthless for each one, The companies also understand this and never wishes to waste your time in making impossible work to be made by you. The job is very easy, with the visible text contents. Nevertheless, you could type and submit the work speed.

What is the perfection maximum perfection required for receiving money?

The earning differs for every plan that we have.

Shall I use any software product to work for this job?

No, Nor at all allowed permitted to use any software for changing the image file to MS-word. We will find and dismiss you at once. It is because, if anyone use the software, the MS-word codes are not seen to us, and it is blank. As well, the companies would reject these files at once.

After presenting work in stipulated time, at what are the process to get revenue?

Once you present your job, within seven to ten working days you would get the perfection report via email address and salary if any would be sent to your address through the cheque, Bank transfer, PayPal or any other pay according to the selection that you made during your registration while paying your subscription charges. Nevertheless, you alter your payout way, by logging into my account and clicking altering your payout.

What will happen in case, I am failing on the job?

If you do not do your work, means you will not be receiving further job and no second time chance would be offered, you will not get your earning and the future job. Nevertheless, for a few causes, we officer additional days to do protons to complete the work. 

What is the way company would pay me?

Our company would pay your salary in the following ways:

Indian workers- would be paid both by fund transfer through to their bank account, or by check payment, or by pay on demand or through Paypal.

Other country workers- would be paid both by wire transfer through to their bank account or via Paypal or Western Union Money transfer system or via Cheque
Payment made according to the selected method during the registration.

What time the company pays me?  

Every day we will pay you for your work.

I would like to know will company reduce earning money for tax.

No, we will not debit any kind of taxes. We are not liable for any kind of taxes that may apply to you. It is your own liability to meet your accountant or your country tax department in this tax payment on your salary.

Will you give me any dictations on how to do the work? 

Yeah! we would give you systematic dictation guidelines with job. We as well give you complete details of making page in MS-word, as the required margin, font size, intends and other client requirements and in which way it is followed strictly.

Yeah! I got interest to work this offline data entry job I want to know the further step.

Fill registration form and wait for our instruction and work detail.

When shall I receive my first work salary?

Within 12 hour you will receive paymet for your work.

I would like to know how much time duration takes for downloading job files?

We understand your time value; therefore, we have divided your job files in various sets. Every set takes approximately two minutes to download. Begin working with the set one and in between let, other files set start downloading.

I would like to know the format of the download files can I have this info?

Entire files would be jpeg files, in zipped format. All you have to click the unzip and files would be saved on your personal computer. These jpeg could be opened easily on my computer by using winzip file.

Could I have my work by compact disk?

Before some times, we used to send the work only in the CD format, but we realized and the customer also faced some problems, it is like late delivery of getting their work cd, the customer received the CD with damages. In handling in the transportation error faced in the CD, at times, files are not opening to the workers etc. Therefore, now we restore the error free files, now you can understand why we stopped delivering job through CD.

Can I stop doing the work for a few days and is it possible?

Yeah! It is allowed for you, but you need to inform well in advance before beginning of the next job.

Hello, I do not belong to US, Canada, India or UK could I still apply for the work?

The job officer is for the global workers; you could apply from any nation and start working from any part of the globe no issue. We offer warm welcome to all nationalities.

If I have a doubt where I must have to deal?

For all types of issue, you could try our contact us page which is available at your login page. Ensure where your question had no reply in our site. Because, we get more than two thousand and more e-mails a day it is hard to reply in required time and the arrival of the reply may take 24 - 48 hours. That is the reason, kindly ask exclusive and remarkable question to us.








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