We will pay by western union, paypal, cheque, paytm, payoneer or online bank transfer. Go to our website www.allworkjob.com and login there. And in you login area click on "how to withdraw payment" button and fill your payment receiving details. You option will open for withdraw your payment in your "my completed work" area after completing 30 days work only.


If you have done some mistake in your work: If there are few mistake only then it may be possible you will pass the 98% accuracy level. After today don't do any mistake so that you can give 98% accuracy. After completing your 30 days work you can see your submitted work also. And you can see your accuracy level also there.

Or if you like you can reset your account and can start as a fresh freelancer.


If you are not able to see data and form please delete your browser history and cookies. Because work is already updated there.


Yes you can work from any country. There is no any restriction for that.

Yes you can work from any computer. You can do same work from different-different computer or ip address.

But from one ip address you can do one registration only. Your account can be disable if we will found many registration from same ip and you are misusing of this condition.



For getting referral job earning you need minimum 2 verified referral for withdraw referral earning.



You can take 48 hour continious leave only. If you will take more then 48 hour leave continious then your account can be disable without any notification. This is our client requirement that they want regular work from their freelancer. If you are doing free job then for emergency case only you can take 48 hour leave.

In paid plan there are no any restriction like that. In paid plan you can take leave according to yourself. Just you have to give minimum work in 30 days. In paid plan you can do 30 days work in 10 days also. And can take 20 days leave also.


We are regular updating our server. Some time you will see this type of database or internal error. For this please refresh your browser and check website after few minute.
Very soon we will solve that. We are very sorry for this inconvenience.


If your email id is correct, then 100% you will receive new password in your email id. It can take 3 to 5 minute maximum. And it can be available in your inbox or spam folder. So please check all email in inbox and spam carefully.


If you are new registered user and going in account disable page: Your account is disable because you have not done email verification till now.

After submitting registration form we already send you verification email. This may be available in your inbox or spam folder. If this is not there, please wait for few minute. Some time it takes few minute.


So please go to your email id and open received email from homebasework. And click on verify your email id link there. A login page will open. Login there with your email id and password and you can start the work.





Your account is disable because you have not done your any work before 2 days.
"You can take maximum 48 hour leave. You can't take leave more then 48 hour. Because our clients want regular work from us. For emergency case you can take maximum 48 hour leave only."


We will not deduct any tax if you will receive your payment by paypal or western union.

But we will deduct 30% tax if you will take your payment by other method. And we can't pay indian freelancer by paypal or western union. Because these facility is not available from paypal or western union that we can pay him from here.


Free and paid both plan are different. If your free account is disable for some of reason then still you can work for paid plan. Paid plan work we will provide manually. So account disable is not related to paid plan.


You will not receive any payment if your account is disable from your any mistake.


If you have done your 30 days work for any job. Please login in your account one time at least in every 48 hour. If you will not login in your account it can be disable. And it will treated you are no longer interested to work with us.

If you have done 30 days work and your account is disable by this reason we can't active your account again because this will done by automated system and we can't manually control that. So you will lose your all completed work and all earning. So please active in our website after completing the work also, whenever you will not receive your payment from here.

Just login in every 48 hour for few minute and you can log out.


For one category 30 days work is 300 data. 98% of 300 = 294. So you have to do minimum 294 data correct for one category. If your 293 data is correct only then you will disqualify for this category. And you will not able to receive any payment for these 293 data.




  • In one form if your one data is incorrect. Like date of birth or anything then your one form is incorrect.
  • In one copy paste form if you will do any single mistake then one copy paste data is incorrect.
  • In ad posting if 7 link is wrong then your work will disqualify.
  • In facebook or whatsapp if your submitted 7 images or facebook url will wrong then you will disqualify for that work.




Reset button will reset your whole account. If you have done mistake in your work and you want to start new work like fresh then you can reset your account. This will erase your whole data till now from our server and you will lose your all estimated earning also. But you will receive fresh new account. After reset account we can't recover your account or your earning. So before reset read all instructions. Reset button is for those people who want to start from new and want to erase all previous earning and record.


After register in this website i am agree with all these t&c