1. After submitting first day work you can't submit more work before 24 hour. Suppose if you are submitting 7 data only in 1st day. And login in our website after 3 days then you will not go to 3rd day work. You have to complete remaining 3 data also for first day. Then only after 24 hour you will go to 2nd day. By this you can complete you 30 days work in 40 days also. And this will not effect your earning and your completed work. But you can withdraw your earning when only you will complete your 30 days work. And for completing 30 days work you have maximum 40 days from your joining date. If you will complete your 30 days work after 40 days, your work will not valid for payment.

2. These free work is like your trial work. Yes you will receive payment for that trial also according to mention in our website. But your work should be 98% accurate in each category. If your work will not 98% accurate then company can cancel your registration and you will not receive any payment for that inaccurate work. And this is important thing here.


3. If your first month work is accurate more then 98% then only you will receive next month work and payment for your previous work. Otherwise you can't work with us in future and you will not receive any payment also.


4. Before starting the work please read T&C and INSTRUCTION carefully. You can't modify your work once you will click on submit button in your work area in free plan.


5. We know there may be some mistakes available in given data but these data we receved from our clients so we and you can't change or modify that. As it is and same data you have to submit. Data is same for all freelancer in first month. Data is same but this is going in different different server. We have many other clients and they all need these data. So you will see the same data in our website for your work. But the main thing is that these all data will go for differetn clients server.

6. Our contract period will be valid for 1st month. We will give continuous work to our active freelancer for 1st month. We will not take any charge for this free work. If you will pass your 1st month work then only you will continue work with us and will get paid for that. Paid work contract will be applicable for 12 month. After 12 month you can renew with same fee amount.


7. Registration fee is refundable here for paid work. If you will give us continuous only 2 month work on time and according to our given instruction we will return your fee 100%. We will refund fee after 2 month. We will return registration fee only to genuine freelancer, who will give us work on given time and according to our given instruction.

8. We may revise these terms and conditions from time-to-time. Revised terms and conditions will apply to the use of our website from the date of the publication of the revised terms and conditions on our website. Please check this page regularly to ensure you are familiar with the current version. We have rights to change policy at any time. Before giving work we can give you target. And you have to give us work, according to given time period and target. Otherwise registration may be cancel. We will give you different different project in one month. You can reject or take any project also. If you reject any project, we will not pay for that. We will send you next project after 30 days of rejection. We have fully rights to cancel registration if you are unable to give work in time and target.

9. You are not able to take any legal action against the company because you are taking all work after reading all terms and condition and all minimum work requirement. These will your fault if you will fail on your given task. Company is not responsible for that. Company has full authority that if you will not give him minimum work with given instruction, they can cancelled your registration. 


And with this registration i am agreeing with this T&C also, if i am unable to do minimum 30 days work in time and according to their instruction. Company has full authority that they will not pay me for that. And i can't take any legal action if i am fail on my given work. I am agreeing with company's last decision.